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Hello everyone! My class was officially published on Tuesday, March 1st 2016, and as of today I have a total of 56 students enrolled! Yay! You can access my class directly here > Photoshop for Fashion: Transform your Fashion Sketches in Minutes.


As far as email announcements, I sent an email to my currently very small Design Blog email list via MailChimp. The email included a brief class description as well as an embedded video of the class trailer. Below is a series of the content:



I also created TWO Trailer videos. One is more of a commercial-like teaser, which I plan on using on Instagram soon, and the other is a more detailed version going into why I made this class, and who this class is for. You can see them below:

On the second day of the challenge, I created an Instagram 1-day giveaway with a special link for 30 people to enroll for free. I timed the posts at 8AM and then 10PM using appropriate hashtags. I also shared the challenge over my three accounts. I have a portfolio ig account, design blog ig account, and my upcoming beauty blog ig account. I know it sounds like a lot but I use the last one more frequently at the moment. Below are images that I used for the postings:



My next steps will be to focus on Pinterest and Facebook. More specifically another one-day giveaway with an ad or sponsored post. My trouble areas lie in getting students to actually begin a project. I am considering a physical giveaway for that like the winner gets a sketchbook, pen set, and drawing pencils along with a copy of my self-published design how-to ebook titled: The Fashion Designer's Ultimate Quick-Step Guide to Photoshop and Digital Painting.


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