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PEACE begins with a SMILE


Servi Store is a unique initiative selling trendy and eco-friendly products with artworks featuring inspirational quotes. They are crafted and sourced using fair, ethical and sustainable processes.

For this project, I would like to feature one of the tees from our collection titled " PEACE".

PEACE tee is stemming out of a desire to respond to whatever is happening in our world these days.

The war, the terrorism, the refugee crisis, the intolerence, the greed, the global warming ... the list goes on.. 

We believe the antidote to all these is in the quote that is featured in this tee.




When people start to stop looking at the peripheral, when they start to ignore the presupposed and preconceived perceptions about their neghbour, leaving behind all those, when they start to SMILE... PEACE begins to flow!! 

The words in the quote as you may have now figured out is from a great human who lived in our lifetime on planet earth, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who showed how to live in peace and harmony.  

The tees come in both men and womens styles. Mens style features a neck stiching. Womens is more of a loose fit at the hip with folded sleeves. The stripes on the sleeves and inspired by the humble sarees worn by the sisters who carry on the mission of serving the poor and needy. 



The tees are made from 100% organic cotton and made in fairtrade factories.



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