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Ben Jones

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PB&J Tshirt Co.


I've been screenprinting part-time out of my basement since 2011 and have been relatively successful considering I don't advertise and all of my business comes from "word of mouth".  Recently, I've decided to up my game and expand the shop out of the basement.  While my growth plan isn't quite finalized, I am planning on doing some of my own designs as well as what I design for clients.

This course was something I have been interested in.  I've been using stock fonts and other than the occasional arc or flag, do very little customization. That being said, I wanted to do a retro, 70's design. These were a few of my inspirations as well as the font Funkydori that I used as the launch pad.


I sketched out several ideas and I won't underwhelm you with my draftsmanship, but this was the "best" of the lot.


Using Funkydori, I managed to make it look like this:


I wanted to use the pallet in the "this is not new" graphic so after playing around with combinations, I landed on the final design.


In photoshop, I added my layer mask and boom... final design.  I may or may not use it, but as a first attempt, I am pleased.



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