Larissa McCartney

Senior Art Director | Seattle, WA



PARLIX - The drunk, charismatic monster

I have to admit - I watched this tutorial while day-drinking on my back porch. I had my husband (also day-drinking!) feed me ideas for the monsters personality, backstory, etc. I was too deep in my rosé to think about taking step-by-step process pics - so you only get the final image, sorry :/ 


  • Personality: Confused, yet intelligent. Strong, yet timid. 
  • Backstory: Used to be able to fly, but no longer can. 
  • Life Goals: To encourage other monsters to follow their dreams. 
  • What Does It Want: To find everlasting life. 
  • Strengths: Cool, suave, charismatic, able to jump high & see in the dark
  • Weaknesses: Afraid of water, likes to drink too much, missing his right hand. 
  • Nerd talk/overall alignement: neutral good. 


Overall reaction/notes: 

  • He's so ugly that he's almost charmingly cute. 
  • I made his body triangle (slightly aggressive, confident), and head a circle + square (trusting/friendly). So a bit of all the shapes, but overall he's a good fella. 
  • I think I hit most of the descriptors - but the night vision, fear of the water and encouragement of other monsters to follow their dreams. Meh. 
  • He does, however look drunk and charismatic, while somewhat timid/quizical. 
  • My first attempt at a cartoon/illustrated character/monster. My first try at watercolor pencils. Overall- pretty successful and fun. 
  • I'll def. keep doodling monsters and characters based on the language of shapes. 
  • Overall time spent doodling: 20 mins. 

Thanks for the class! 


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