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Jimena Sanclemente

PAPERLUNIES sweet paper treats



PAPERLUNIES sweet paper treats

I am from and live in Colombia, in Santiago de Cali, with my husband and our two sweet and happy dogs. I studied Architecture in La Universidad del Valle in Cali, graduated in 1987. In 1999 my husband and I moved to New York City where I enrolled at Pratt Institute to get a Degree in Visual Communications with emphasis in Packaging Design. After six years in NY we moved again three more times, to China, Thailand and Mexico for a period of eight years, last Year we closed the circle and moved back to Cali.

Although I have worked with paper since I was an architecture student, it was in 2009 while living in Asia that I decided to focus on paper crafts. I love to use my hands, I love color and materials that have a natural and warm feeling.

I design paper objects to express emotions, love, gratitude, admiration. My designs appeal to those who enjoy giving curious things. I sell my paper work locally in a couple of gift stores in my home town and I have a shop at

My etsy shop is my refuge, it is the place that justifies everything I do. With this project I want to learn how to connect with more people in order to get more visitors to my shop.


I design animal shape boxes like this one, they are spacious enough to give a written note along with candie or small treats. If you want to know more about my work you can visit my blog

What is marketing for:  To get attention.

I am allowed to touch:  Everything. Since I started, this has been my very personal project.

As a marketer I can measure: I have a google blog and an etsy store. They provide some useful statistics: visitors, audience location, popular posts, items sold, etc.

I can change : product, price, online platform, pictures, tags, product description, story

I promise: A pleasurable experience to my customers in the art of giving. I will focus on design and innovation. I will use high quality materials. I will manufacture with perfection. I will deliver on time. 

The hard part: lower the manufacturing cost and managing mail delivery. My product is weightless but voluminous and fragile, it can get damage if it is not handled with care. Mail delivery is expensive. Manufacturing is expensive.

I should be making trends: Yes

The risk is: to be perceived as something ephemeral with no value because it is paper.

I am in charge: Yes

I am spending the money: blog and etsy adds, magazine peeps

I should be spending my time: designing, making good pictures, learning how to get attention to my shop, refining story ideas.

I just uploaded my first short motion promotional video on YouTube:


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