Kids like me always ask “Why can’t we go to school?” “Why can’t we go out and play?” “Why do we have to stay at home?”

  As a kid, I love to play. Especially when my cousin is around. Also school. I love to go to school. I learn a lot from my school.

Last month, President Duterte said that no one should go out. So he started ECQ or Enhanced Community Quarantine. You can’t go out without a Quarantine Pass. Kids and elderly people can’t go out too. But the most frustrating part was:1 We didn’t finish the school year. 2 Our internet was not working. 3 The weather was so hot that even in the morning we had to open the aircon. COVID- 19 had started.

The year today is 2020. But things weren’t as expected. First, the Taal volcano erupted in the Philippines. Second, Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash, and then, COVID- 19.

I was so sad that I had no one to talk with because everyone in the house was busy. But, my mom gave me a schedule so I won’t be bored.

 Many days passed, and ECQ was ending. That time, I was already calling Princess and Rihanna. I was also enjoying my schedule.

When June 1 started, it wasn’t ECQ anymore. It was GCQ or General Community Quarantine. Now at that time, I went to my friend’s house. On June 8, I also enjoyed my birthday at the same house.

So, if you are new to this pandemic, remember to keep on praying or to spread the Gospel to others. Thank the frontliners who are risking their lives for us. We are going to stop this pandemic.

Now you know why we can’t go to school and why we can’t go out to play.