P&A --The Art of Storytelling

P&A --The Art of Storytelling - student project

 Hi Emily, I hope that you can follow my story and now it is easy to evaluate it. I am looking forward for your valuable feedback. Once again thank you!

In one year what do you want your brand to be known for?

Storytelling & Video Marketing & SEO marketing & SEO script

 The people who love your brand care about most:

Branding, Brand Image, Positioning , SEO, Creating a buzz, Getting attention, Effectively pitching and presenting information to potential investors, customers, and partners.

Your Brand is not:

Boring and Conventional , Powerpoint presentations filled with facts, jargon, buzzwords, and graphs.

Above all else your brand stands for:

Standing  out for the crowd, Inspiring/Uplifting True Stories!

Objective: What is the goal of the branding project?

To help everyone communicate their message easier, more effective and tell their story. To create amazing marketing videos, instructional talks, stories while keeping the audience captivated.

Target: Who is the brand trying to reach demographically and mindset wise?

Anyone who needs demo video of their product, a promotional video for their business or a training video for their staff.

Insight: What deep consumer need is the brand trying to solve?

Telling the story is tough! But it’s important to get the message across.

Also not only is it tough but it takes time to tell the story, too many words to cram into the little bit of time that is given expecially in NYC.

My brand will help to convert complex ideas into simple and easy visuals.

My brand will use videos with SEO to push any business forward and  to get people's attention.

Also trends show that online video continues to be a top priority for B2B organizations in 2012.

Quick videos that are aimed to inspire with the story, provoke, or excite will soon dominate people's time spent on the web.

Key Idea for the brand - the brand's core essence, what it stands for:

Without a compelling story, the product, idea, or service, is dead on arrival.

3 word personality:





Paulina Podbiello

Marketing Consultant