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P.G. Wodehouse: Cocktail Time

I think this may be it.My first layout.

Almost ready to go on the computer.

Narrowing down to a tighter sketch.

A few more ideas with the W and swirls.

Sorry bad photo. Rough doodles. This where I descided to go with an old style font rather than a script font.

Lots of notes. A lot going on in this book, but oddly enough note a lot of cocktail drinking.

For my drop cap project I have picked Cocktail Time by British humorist P.G. Wodehouse. Cocktail Time (published in 1958) is a madcap comedy-of-errors, love triangles and intrigue involving the British aristocracy. The story is loaded with twists and turns complimented by a cast of eccentric characters. The book has really fun imagery such as a brazil nut knocking off the top hat of a rather pompous barrister.  I’m hoping to capture some of the zaniness of the story along with a little upper-class old world charm.

Here is a link if you wish to read a further description of the book.



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