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P is for Patagonia


Patagonia seems to position themselves as the top of the market and everyone else just follows behind.


I don't know a lot about outdoor clothing, but my understanding is that Patagonia is fairly expensive. They can get away with this because they have placed themselves at the top of the market.


Patagonia needs to make sure it is in the best sections of the stores that carry them. I think that they would be best placed with other outerwear and even having their own special section might benefit them. It would set them apart from the competition.


Patagonia, at this point, needs little promotion besides word-of-mouth because they have created such a demand for themselves already.


I'm not sure how this could apply to Patagonia.


Patagonia has set itself apart as a more high-quality brand and that sets them apart from the competition.


Commercials for Patagonia are few and far between, probably because they don't need much promotion, as mentioned above.

Public relations

Most likely Patagonia needs little crisis management because their products are so high-quality.


Just the simple fact that your jacket is a Patagonia jacket will probably get you to trust its durability and you will keep it for longer and tell people you have one, regardless of how good it actually is.


Their logo now incites trust in their brand since people see it everywhere.


Again, the logo appearing everywhere forces Patagonia into peoples' minds.


Their new store in NYC creates the vibe that Patagonia wants to put off, making people more apt to buy their products because they want to support that vibe that they have grown to love.


I'm not sure how this applies to Patagonia.

People Like Us

I imagine that Patagonia hires people with the same vision that their customers have for good, quality outerwear products.


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