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P as Petra


Edit #3:

I ended up using simple letter P in the circle.

Let me guys know what do you think. 

More about the process here.


Hi everyone,

2nd round: 

Digitized logos: I was mainly playing with the letter P and this is the result. I selected only the best of all.

I'm thinking about keeping it black and white even though I really liked the idea of having watercolour texture.

Thank you


Hello guys,

I decided that I need new awesome logo for myself. I'm always eager to learn and I want to get better in what I do.

I have been using this logo for a while. I don't think it fits me anymore. It isn't creative enough, not strong enough and well I'm tired looking at it :)

My personal brand is about being smart, trendy, quirky and fun. On the other hand, I also like traditional fine arts, calligraphy ( my writing is unreadable ), minimalism, flat design, fashion ( what? ), white space and colours.  

1st round:

I hope that this is not looking similar to Harry Potter font. If you think so, it was not my intention! ( i like Harry though ).

Please feel free to give me any feedback. Here is my portfolio.


Thank you !


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