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Hi everyone -

This is the first time I've used Photoshop. There were a few things that I did that were outside the scope of the video.

-I created a layer filled with triangles and in the layers window put that layer above another layer in which I had created a 10 sided polygon. From there I right clicked on the triangle layer and selected "create clipping mask" which fills the polygon with the above layer

-For the greens on top of the pineapple I created triangles by using the pen tool and selecting three separate points and then clicking "Shape". I did the right side of it first, then selected all of the triangles and did Layer>Combine Shapes>Unite. From there I transformed the combined object 180 degrees horizontal and lined it up on the left side.

Loving this class so far Meg, thanks for your instruction. Any and all feedback on my project is warmly welcomed.


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