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Lisa Goulet

Visual Arts grad.




I like to draw and letter my own birthday cards for friends and family. I actually stumbled on this class while in the beginning stages of designing my dad's card and decided to create a digital card for his birthday.

He's an avid hunter, has never drank or smoked, and his idea of having fun is cooking a big steak in the evening then retiring early to bed so he can wake up at 4am to go watch the deer. Obviously I had to make the joke that he's going to get wild and crazy on his birthday.

Here are the beginning sketches for my card design:

I began with the idea of a kitty, sleeping in a party hat.

I knew I wanted a bold, serif font, so I experimented with a few different types.

I had the sleeping hunter idea, and came up with an alternate composition. I don't think I will include the arc on the bottom of HARD, but I like the idea of the text hiding behind the figures. The image was just one from a google search, and I will probably use it as a reference, but tweak parts to my liking when I illustrate it.

Experimenting with font a little more.

I ended up with this as my final 'good' hand-drawn copy. The Y was accidentally drawn backwards, and I will probably combine the RD to help with the flow. The next step I will take is tweaking and arranging in Photoshop.

I arranged the letters how I wanted them and instead of using the digital file as my final product, I printed out the letters and used it as a tamplate to make this birthday card for my dad. I tried combining the RD to save some space on the card and I don't really like it, but overall I am happy with the outcome!  


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