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Pérez G. Family


My family and I are Mexican, borned, raised and still living here. We use both last names and both are equally important, so I included elements that represent both sides of the family, and elements that represent my immediate family only.

Pig: my father's business has always been related to pigs, so these animals have been always present in my life in some way, and we love them.

Phone: represents my mom's side of the family. They're always calling each other and caring about each other.

Plow: My father's side of the family. He always talks about how hard-working his grandfather was, and they were peasant farmers, so I used the plow to represent hard-work.

VW Bug: our love for traveling and a personal joke.

Trabajo, Educación, Respeto: Work, Education, Respect. Some of the values everyone in my immediate family share.

Laurel: I tried to make it look more like corn because corn is very important in our country and to our family (we love tortillas and pozole).


I have two versions, and I haven't decided which one looks better, so feedback would be appreciated.

And I already made some color tests with the second version.


This class and project has been very fun. Hope you can help me decide on final version and colors!

Thank you :)


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