Beret N.



Owl Russian Dolls

My idea for this class project was to use owls as inspiration. I sketched out my ideas using a blue eraseable pencil (and was therefore unable to take a successful picture/scan of my sketches) and originally planned to do the dolls upsde down so that the fattest part of them would be the owls' faces.

However, I changed my mind because it wouldn't make sense to have them upside down - not least because in reality they may not balance like that! So I did them the right way round.


The first one I painted I tried hard to create some tonal differences to make it look round. This owl was based on a barn owl. I ended up outlining with orange and pink ink and then added watercolour patterns.


The second one I did had a bit of tonality but I ended up going with the heavily patterned approach again. At this point I was not happy that the owl dolls were not turning out cute and characterful as I had intended, and were instead relying on the patterns to make them appealing.


The third doll I painted I avoided outlining and instead focussed on practising adding diferent layers of colours. I could have worked harder on the base layers to get a rounded tonal effect, but I really enjoyed creating a more delicate look with this one.


The final image, when I put the three together, looked like this. My husband saw it and suggested adding a reflection, as though they are standing on a reflective surface. This was a nice effect!

I still want to achieve a more delicate and cute effect with the dolls, so I may try this project again with the aim of making the illustration more characterful.

Thanks for reading my project!


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