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Owen Pallett - Heartland

Update 2:

For the cover I'm thinking of doing some sort of abstract representation of Owen/the deity, maybe including the character of Lewis as well. I don't think it needs to be too "here is this one guy and he is not sure if this god guy is real or not, he is probably pondering the meaning of life and some other deep stuff" kind of in your face.

Some initial sketches:

For the final concept I'm going with a stained-glass style eye as a representation of the album's narrator. The shapes are going to be very geometric as a nod to the more synthy, electro parts on the album. The type will be custom-done in a more natural, flowing style to represent the more natural parts of the album with violin & strings.


Update 1:

For this project I'm choosing a cover that I feel could do with a better design.

Owen Pallett's "Heartland" is a narrative about a young farmer (Lewis), commanded by an all-powerful narrator (Owen). The songs are one-sided dialogues with Lewis speaking to his creator.

The current cover can be seen below:

The style of the music on this CD (and Owen's whole style in general), can been loosely classified as "baroque pop" - which in this case is essentially indie music with violin playing the starring role to a backing of other string instruments and synths.

For the cover design I want to hint at the idea of a deity without it being too in your face so I'm going to do the whole thing in a style evocative of stained glass, using geometric shapes and repeating patterns, like the below examples:


But still with depth and texture, and a more muted color palette, like the below inspirations:



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