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Owen Davey Airline Characters

Hi Everyone!

I have been wanting to learn Illustrator for a while now (coming from a photoshop user) and I came across these tutorials. I just want to thank Brad, these tutorials have explained complex things in a way that you can understand. He has definitely made Illustrator less confronting.

After taking a solid week trying to find the perfect the perfect print, I remebered Owen Davey's amazing illustrations. I had a look at his portfolio and I found the perfect print with airline characters.

His Portfolio: http://www.owendavey.com 

I wanted to choose something that was challenging and it was that indeed. I started with the suitcase to start with something easy and worked my way up. I have to admit I wasn't happy with my first attempt, but as I added more shapes, elements and colour, I really saw the piece coming together. By far the most difficult characters were the girl in the chair and the small girl in the middle. The latter tested my patience after having to re-do her 3 times!

The main tools I used were the pen tool, shape builder tool and some alligning properties. The minus front and intersect filters were a lifesaver although it did take me some time to get used to it (Pressing the wrong filter countles times and playing around with the layers). 

Just a few snapshots

I'm quite happy with my print and the way it has turned out. My print almost looks identical to the orignal. There are some places though in the print that are noticibly different when compared side by side (eg. the plane in the pilots hand, the wavy lines on the suitcase and the face of the small girl in the middle). I am proud of the way it has turned out considering this is the first thing I have done in Illustrator

In the original print there are some textures added that I would like to re-create sometime soon. I would also like to create those textures myself with some dry brush techniques.



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