Maja Kotar

photography student, foodie, designer



Overnight breakfast - easy solution for saving time in the morning

I know mornings can be very stressfull, there is so much things to do in so little time. Plus if we want to start the day right, you need to have a proper breakfast. But I have a solution - overnight oatbowls. It's an easy solution to save up time in the morning, because your breakfast is already waiting for you to eat it up. Overnight oatmeals (or as I call it oatbowls) are made of oats, nuts, fruit and other good and healthy ingredients that will boost you up in the morning. The best part is that they are prepared one night before and the whole process takes only 10 minutes. So in this class I'm going to show you how to make healthy and amazingly good breakfast which is also easy on the eyes. 


so what do you think guys?


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