Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats - student project

For a while now, my boyfriend and I have been in the habit of making our weekday breakfasts on Sunday night.  We make chia seed pudding, top it with almond butter, dried apricots & prunes, and frozen fruit and pop the jars in the fridge, grabbing one before we head out in the morning.  It's delicious, but I wanted to expand our go-to recipe list - eating the same thing every weekday of every month can get a bit boring.  I was so excited to find this class while clicking around Skillshare, and I just finished my first batch of overnight oats.  

Since I like to make a weeks-worth of jars at once and I was making breakfast for two, I made a 5x batch of the oats.  (As it turned out, I only had 3 2/3 cups of oats, so I doubled the chia seeds to help absorb the excess liquid.) I topped the jars off with frozen fruit and will scoop in a bite of almond butter before I pop on the lids.  Can't wait for tomorrow morning!

Anna Petry
A designer, maker, and do-it-myselfer.