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Hey guys, I go by @trednt on IG. Here's my take on the project after watching it earlier today.



Progress 1


Progress 2


Final Image


To get this final image I used LR only. I started with my own preset for Progress 1. Then I adjusted exposure, minor change in WB, played with my highlights and shadows, added clarity and did some slight split toning for Progress 2. For the final image, i added radial filters, and lowered my vibrance to about 20 and the saturation to about 65.

Lately, my inspiration comes from finding the extraordinary out of the ordinary. I've been exploring the 5 campuses my school has lately, and it makes me happy knowing that I'm the only one who has these shots. I feel like there are so many things that are overlooked and have not been explored yet. Also, the fact that many people are shocked when they see my pictures and I tell them that it's around the school area inspires me to explore more, create more and share my perspective.

I've also been editing my photos dark and with low saturation. This is inspired by listening to Yeezus, Childish Gambino, and Ta-Ku.

Thank you for taking your time and checking out my project.


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