Overdose - student project

1) Quantity v.s Quality of info around us

  • We became overwhelmed by the quantity of information around us, without being able to differentiate the “good” from the “bad”, meaning that the quality is obviously key and is sometimes forgotten or hard to find due to the multitude sources of information. Quantity vs. quality has always been an eternal topic, and it gets harder to differentiate an article that strictly states the facts without the voluntary or involuntary subjectivity if its author/sources. Especially, when watching the news on CNN and Fox News - let’s take for instance the most well-known news station in the USA and worldwide and the most obvious in terms of the values and political views they stand behind – most of the animators state their opinions, without saying that these are not “news reporting” but state their subjective opinions regarding the news as if people should interpret these opinions as objective facts. As a result, to develop the most objective point of view, we should thus watch CNN and Fox news everyday and other news sources. Since our time is limited, and we are all busy doing other things, we need to make a choice and we usually end up choosing the sources of information that is the closest to our way of thinking, our values, principles and opinions. We do not really challenge ourselves, not because we don’t want to, but because of the lack of time to search for different sources of information. We would think online media would make it easier, and in a way it does in terms of reaching out to masses (quantity) since we have access to numerous articles from so many different sources, but at the same time, it draws us to only read fully 3 to 5 articles per day, and the rest is a quick look at the headlines and first few paragraphs. And what do you remember for all of that?


2) Myself = Everyone else

  • I’m the 1st one who jumped of my bed and takes my smartphone to check 1) my emails, 2) the news, 3) Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Tumblr and so on! I plead guilty since I am addicted to my iPhone, Ipad, and IMac/Mac Book Air (yes I’m n Apple girl, especially since I’m co-founder of an app, BYOUTIK). Overall, I am not spending my money on the latest handbag or cute earrings, but only on this buzzing word: “technology”. To be honest, I can’t recall how many phones, computers, tablets and other gadgets I have bought just to try, and then because new devices came along, I decided to sell them after less than 3 months on Craigslist, Ebay or other websites. I’m  what we called “an early adopter” of all tech products and give it a shot.


3) Being so connected but at the same time, feeling secluded

  • Even though, I’m constantly connected to the latest news, listening to the latest song and being aware of the latest events around me, I often feel in my own bubble, even a little lost, while walking in the street, taking the subway or the bus where I usually have my Ipod/Android on, listening to my favorite songs, and reading online news/e-book. The thing is if you ask me at the end of the day, what did I learn? What are my takes-away of the dayt? I might give you some headlines of the cover page of the NYT, Flipboard, CNN, and I might just spit up some opinions of others, that I haven’t even have time to digest and deeply think about. But then, if you ask me at the end of the week, what would I take away? What do I think about such and such? I will start thinking and try to remember what happened this week that I can remember (if no big event happened like the Boston bombing which is THE topic that is occupying the news since the past 2 weeks). To be honest, I would try to bulls***you and come up with some ideas, but without knowing, even less being able to share and argue about my opinions and thoughts. I will just be an automat whose opinions and sense of critique is progressively disappearing because of my laziness of not thinking on my own, since so many people want to think for myself. It is so much easier this way to bring people together. By unifying people’s ways of thinking, the media and politicians can better control the world by limiting the amount of dissidents, who could really think differently and jeopardy the apparent “peace-full” balance of our developed nations*. Only few people are able to “disconnect” for some moments of our virtual environment, open their eyes on what is truly happening, and take some distance to digest the main changes (macroeconomic changes, how technology is progressively disrupting more and more traditional industries). Fewer people go even beyond this state, and while digesting the information and knowledge that we all share, make something out of it and participate in inventing our future by their imagination and motivation to make “a tomorrow” better, healthier and “happier”, even though the definition of happiness is the most personal and subjective that we can find.  


*I am not talking about the developing world, where during which, there have been some social revolutions, which tried to change the way tings were going. Unfortunately, I will take some time, maybe 2 to 3 generations to change the mindsets, lifestyles and systems in which they are living, but it’s another discussion and debate.


4) Goal:

  • I truly think a lot of people are aware of these facts, these are not new and I am not trying to say I’m better than everyone else. As I mentioned, I’m a “newbie” entrepreneur and I’m co-founder of an iPhone app. I’m also the first victim of this overflow of information and I stopped thinking on my own a long time ago J
  • Being aware is one thing, but acting against this flow of information whose goal is to drawn us is another. That’s why I decided to start this blog, in which I will do my best to select the most interesting and objective articles from which I will write a weekly summary, express my opinion and ask others to participate, debate and discuss according to their opinions/believes/values/principles. The goal is that everyone would be able to interact and share what they truly think. My main focus will be technology, politics, economics, music (alternative/electronic/dance) and my sources will only be apps:
  • For news: Flipboard, CNN, NYT
  • Technology: TechCrunch, FastCompany,
  • Music: iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify