Overcoming Stress and Anxiety One Task at a Time!!

Current Problem Statement:

I’m faced with the problem of loading to much onto my plate. I pressure myself to complete everything at once. Once faced with task overload I find it hard to focus and stay on task. Then I get frustrated that I haven’t completed it and I beat myself up.


General Coaching Approach:

In this instance, we need to work with client on simplifying the tasks at hand and prioritizing them one by one. We need to organize them according to what and when they should be accomplished. Daily tasks should be kept to a minimum, I personally prefer no more than five tasks that can for the good habits. Once the tasks have formed habits or are completed then they are no longer needed on the list. I will approach with the attitude of Rome wasn’t built in a day. We will keep this on repeat until she become better and less task overloaded.


What techniques will be used:

Since she is already working out consistently, I will have her use this time for decompression and focus solely on that workout. Leaving the other tasks for when she is done.

I will suggest she schedule her daily task list each, day so she is more apt to do them. I would also suggest that she consider the day won when she completes them. If she completes them early, then reward herself with a book or favorite thing she enjoys doing that she can’t do until she completes her tasks. There is no need to build a new list if completed early.

When she becomes over tasked, I will recommend she walk away and take a few deep breaths and go for a walk to re-center herself. Some days she won’t complete her list, but not to dwell on that, try the next to complete it and the next after that. Once she develops the positive habit 5 items at a time task overload and stress will decrease.