Overcoming Fear

This project is yet a blank page. No pretty pictures, just thoughts... and words.

I can't wait to make that book, but it would be just another of my many books I have started. So I have to let it settle for a while, gather some supplies as I encounter them in my daily creating routine and think about my dreams and fears in the meanwhile.

I'll let it settle in the back of my mind and hopefully get back to it when the time is right. 


My CREATIVE DREAM right now is make more money and with less effort from my creative career, without compromising my soul.

Having a home studio and not having the burden of paying studio rent would be another one. I'd like to make a drawing of my dream studio one day.


My fears.

- People don't want to pay for my art or they want to pay little money that is not worth my time.

- I can't make a good living out of my art and have to rely on my husband's support. 

- Fear that I will loose my clients if I raise my design fees, that they are here only because I work for cheap (this did happen a couple times when I tried. Some left, some stayed but negotiated and I gave in - felt like a bad compromise). 

- I am not good enough. I can't draw a good portrait of someone's relatives or pets.

- Competition. There is already so much good stuff out there, why would anyone want mine.

- I'm so good at copying/taking classes, yet I don't have my own voice


Rephrasing my fears.

I actually don't know how to rephrase these things at the moment. (Actually one day later after writing the above, I was making my morning coffee when one idea came to mind.)

- People may be willing to buy your art if you offer it for sale. You did that a couple times and it worked. It's you who don't consider it worthy for sale. So why not let them decide. All you have to do is pour your heart into your art.

...and then another from a conversation with another student...

- I'm determined to try and fail until something works. Problem is that times change and that thing that "works" changes too, life happens sometimes and you end up in square 1.



I just love the process of creating. That is who I am. I am an artist and I need to create, to try new things and have conversations with like-minded people.

It brings me joy and most of all, I love ART SUPPLIES :) and having a creative studio. Therefore I HAVE TO make this creative career work in order to be able to continue doing this work.


Any feedback from you guys would be helpful. I'll gather all the positivity and encouragement in my notebook as a reminder for dark days.

Meda Halmaciu
Artist and invitation designer @invitatiicouture