Overcoming Business Problems

Overcoming Business Problems - student project

Enjoyed this class and took copious notes. here are a few that I am working on. Location: Because I live in a very unartistic area of the US. I ave to take my business out of the area. Working on doing this in 2 ways 1. Skillshare with on line classes even though I am unsure of hadling this. 2. teaching live workshops and Master Classes around the USA. Feel comfortable with this.

The next was haing the right partner. I have the right partner. I do the ground work he is the seller. Only problem is I hate to ask for anything. need to get over this so we both know what is going on. 

The last thing is havug enough time for a life. I tend to get too many projects going forgetting everything else. I find I am always juggling my projects. I will not take on any more projects. My plate is full. I have devised a weekly/monthly schedule for everything and am trying not to worry about one thing while I am working on another. 

Morwenna  Walid Assaf
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