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Overcome Your Fear: Present Virtual Speeches, Webinars & Events Confidently

Course Description:

People often tell me that delivering a speech is one of their greatest fears and the thought of doing it virtually makes it even worse. The ability to deliver an amazing presentation or engaging speech is one of the most valued business skills today. This becomes even more intimidating when the speech you need to deliver is virtual and you cannot see the audience, gauge their response by body language, and feel the energy in the room. Often times this is occurring while you know your presentation is being recorded for online posting as so many are now. The ability to engage, connect, and inspire others virtually is quickly becoming a necessity for anyone working or doing business on the internet.

Work to conquer your fear presenting live webinars and virtual events in this online course where participants will work through a project where they have the opportunity to upload a sample recording for coaching and create a strategy to improve self identified presentation and delivery issues

Intro Video:  https://youtu.be/cM4vELUBFmI 

Course Outline:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GGdsatcXlDCW58wd2ibOv-7O5uJ9PPSuXzRGeMOoidA/edit?usp=sharing 

Course Project:

Submit a recording of you presenting a live virtual event for instructor coaching and participant encouragement.

  1. Upload your video to the class
  2. Self-identify an area where you would like feedback
  3. Note the min:sec location where these examples occur
  4. Share how long the issue has been impacting your presentations and how you have tried to minimize its impact on your delivery.

Students will also have an opportunity to observe several sample videos that show common virtual presentation styles that can impact delivery and practice their own coaching skills.

Bonus Project:

For those who have identified a specific challenge they want to overcome, or may have been struggling for a while with something specific, this more reflective, 4-step bonus project can help uncover an awareness of when the fear is being triggered before the automatic response impacts your presentation. 

  1. List a specific fear that is impacting your virtual presentations or preventing you from delivering them.
  2. Openly reflect about the physical and mental responses you have when you experience those fears noting the point at which you first notice the responses being triggered and  your current responses and desired changed responses
  • How do you physically experience nervousness and fear?
  • What are your typical reactions?
  • How can you use these to meet the challenge you are facing
  1. Design a warm up routine to prepare you to present virtually with confidence that includes the physical, mental, and vocal activities that will enable you to overcome the fear based response you are experiencing.
  2. Set your energy strategy practice - It can be difficult to speak energetically when you are presenting virtually. It may even feel a bit silly to be so expressive when you are by yourself, talking across the internet.
  • Identify your personal energy source
  • Describe how you want participants to describe the energy you project during your presentations and how that energy defines their perceptions about you.
  • Create a personal energy strategy practice for how you will start strong with the energy you plan to project and how you will maintain that throughout your presentation.


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