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Lauren Mendoza

Textile artist, Filmmaker, Teacher




Have you ever wanted to share to social media that you just used the bathroom, watched a movie, or ate a banana, but didn't want to be boring?

The OverShare app takes your status update from boring to epic. Just answer a few multiple choice questions about the nature of your activity, and OverShare generates a relevant and interesting tweet for you. All you have to do is tap "share".

Here's how my app works:

1. User goes to overshareapp.com on their desktop, tablet, or mobile device

2. Three consecutive screens ask the user to pick one of four choices by tapping.

The screens are multiple choice questions that are just 4 pictures and you have to tap one:

a. food, sex, poop, or travel (activity)
b. slow, medium, fast, superfast (speed)
c. angry, sad, bored, happy (mood)
d. location (would be cool to use phone location for this. is that too hard?)

3. The app generates a tweet for the user by choosing a random template, and filling the blanks:

sentence templates:
(name) just (activity+speed) at (location). Feeling (mood)!
result: Billy just launched a poo rocket at Starbucks. Feeling great!
(speed) (activity) makes (name) feel (mood)
result: Lethargic burgers make Billy feel angry.
Putting the (mood) back in (activity) for real. Call me for all your (activity) needs
result: Putting the bored back in sex for real. Call me for all your bored sex needs.


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