Over the last hump

(Image borrowed from Wikipedia!)

I want to use this class, and the knowledge that I gain from it and from others taking it, to get myself over the last hump on my way to being healthy.

For many months I have slowly worked my way toward a healthier body:

  • eliminated a lot of empty carbs
  • became less fearful of new foods
  • introduced deliberate exercise

Those are all good things, and I don't want to be any less proud of them by admitting to myself that I need to do more.

So, this class it how I'm going to try to do more.  What is the "more"?

  • sweat three times a week
  • increase my daily intake of fruit and veg
  • drink a litre of water each day

Where will the "more" get me? I hope it will help me to:

  • eliminate the "skinny fat" (being somewhat slim, but soft and weak)
  • have more energy, sleep well, and be rested when I wake
  • have a cleaner system by putting stuff in it that is healthy (fruit and veg) and stuff that will help get the unhealthy stuff out (water)

What I most hope to learn from others are some new exercises I can try, how to successfully track my progress toward my goals, and how Fitocracy can help me do that.


I have developed a workout plan for this week, which I'll repeat and "edit" as necessary for the coming weeks.  As of March 1, when our household gets a bump in pay, I'll be joining the local YMCA and getting up before 6 am for a spin class!  If I do that, it will be HUGE.


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