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Over the Rainbow

First off, thanks so much Martina for this amazing course. I have already learned so much. 

I wanted to take this course because I have a huge passion for script lettering, but I feel like my skills can still use lots of refinement. My friends and I have our own small greeting card shop that we take to craft fairs and sell on etsy, and having the skills in hand lettering would make our shop even better. 

To start, I picked the word Rainbow. I'm hoping once I'm done, I can expound upon it, and make "Somewhere over the Rainbow." Just for this class though I want to keep things simple and focus narrowly on making my letterforms better. 

Here are my first sketches. I sketched A LOT. There is something super soothing about writing the same word over and over. I used a light sketching pencil, as well as a calligraphy chisel type marker, and a micron marker. I found that the pencil was by far my favorite tool. 



I finally narrowed it down to this pencil drawing I did. I liked the way the swashes were and that variation of the "R" that I made. 


Some things that I noticed were that my angles weren't quite consistent. Also some of my letters were spaced much more together than other. I made a few more sketches with my tracing paper. 


I tried marker too. I realized rather quickly that I am not very steady with the micron pens. I am going to need more practice outlining my words. 


Here is my Micron and pencil next to eachother. The pen got really tricky once I started filling things in. 


In the end I took my favorite pencil sketch and added some weight to it. There are still some problems that I think my letters are having. Hopefully I can fix those on the computer once I begin with the vector process. 


This is my initial try at illustrator, but the lines still felt really unbalanced. 


So I set up a grid  using the angle that I liked and stayed true to that. 




I made sure all my angles aligned to my grid as I did the vector work . 




And about three or four hours later I Finished!!! I added a watercolor rainbow to fill in the text and a very faint shadow.

Thanks so much for the class Martina. I think I've improved a lot. I really enjoyed learning how to perfect the type through illustrator. 


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