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Alisha Sommer

Freelance Writer & Photographer



Over Eggs and Coffee

A few summers ago I did a series of #badpoetry on Instagram. I was trying to write away a memory of a man I thought I might have loved. I am still writing about him and when I saw the assignment, I knew I wanted to work with this story because it is a very pivotal moment for me and him and our relationship. 

The image is what I created on the computer. The bottom two layers consist of the essay ("I Don't Belong Here"), in a small font and repeated as many times at it will fit within the text box. The larger text layered on top is the short poem that inspired the full piece, also repeated. The poem is below: 

"One day you will need these words more than I do–like when winter winds slip through the zipper of your heart and send chills down the aortaor when the streetlight goes black and you feel the bite of loneliness nipping at your heels, or when you sit down to eat your eggs and drink your coffee with only the silences of yesterday to keep you company,that's when you'll need these words more than I do."

The repitition made sense to me as this is a moment I replay in my mind over and over again. There's something about having it all contained on one page. Loved the way it turned out printed on vellum. 


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