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Outdoor Adventure Gear Swap

I am continuing a theme with this project that I used in a project in another SkillShare class... A gear swap site for friends to share and sell gear with each other. Here are my mindmap and drawings for planning these out...

Mind Map


I am still working on some of the ideas, but wanted to post what I have.


My latest progress...

Kayaking BadgeSkydiving

I plan on working on some more of the icons now that I have a palette and basic idea of what I want them to look like.


Latest progress...


Will be out of town this weekend, so I will have to catch up with stuff after the end of class. I have really learned a lot about technique though, and I look forward to applying what I have learned to future projects!

Just went back and added some shadow to the foreground elements...



One last thing before I leave this morning, what do you think of adding shading to the parachute by means of a gradient?...



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