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Out of my comfort zone - great exercise!



So I got a bit carried away with the whole Sharpie-draw-on-everything! Loving it! My husband better watch out or he'll wake up one day full of writings on his forehead :)

When I got home I wrote/drew a bit more on this very large paper. It didn't look that great, I think. I missed being closer to the paper. So I went to this pile of magazines I rarely read and started doodling. 


And then I found this editorial about jewelry that was perfect!



Then this last one with the plate gave me an idea - I keep some blank porcelain for mockups with Sharpie (I still haven't found a decent food safe paint).


All other plates were being used for something eIse, so I went back to the magazines. This time I used some oil pens I had at home (they're not that great - gotta buy myself some Poscas).


So, I'll stop posting things or else this project workspace will get huge. I've been uploading everything on my IG anyways:

I got some more followers to my sort of new IG account, which is always great.

Thanks once more Shantell - super inspired now!! 





This class was just what the doctor ordered! I'm in a super crisis with my own style right now, so loosing up and stepping out of my comfort zone was super exciting. I did 15 drawings in about 15 minutes - a very first for me! 

This is usually me: detailed drawings, super thin pens, carefully colored with markers. Because color is such a big thing for me, that's how I started. 

I tried to be very loose and flowy - I used the other, thicker, side of my markers to see if it could help. I started with the basic "DNA" shape and then find other elements in there, but it really didn't look like me. It felt like I was trying to imitate Shantell's style.


So I decided to forget about color a bit and I took this thick black sharpie that I never use, but always wanted to. I did the DNA thing again, but I didn't go too crazy on the shapes. then I saw a hand, I did some fingers and the whole thing reminded me of Mary Blair. I love how simple and open it looks - very not me, but super me at the same time. 


I was so happy with my decision that my next drawing was all about my sharpie :)


I have no idea why, but I went back to make something closer to Shantell's lines. I guess I was trying things out and it looked kinda silly to me because I was trying to be someone I'm not. I did like the writing though; I used that later.


The blind doodle didn't do much for me...


Then in the next one, Shantell was talking about trees and my DNA doodle became flowers. I ended up drawing a hamburger with legs - which the drawing I'm working on this morning before the class.


I just kept listening to Shantell - I don't remember when or why she said "brain here, brain there", but I thought that was funny. I needed something to put in between the two phrases, so I drew a pear... I just felt the shape would be good for the composition.


The writing reminded me how much I used to mix words and doodles, so in my next drawing, the stickman one, I included some writing in it. With this one (and the previous one too) I didn't start with the flowy lines and went straight to what I wanted and it felt right (that's what Shantell was saying we should do anyway, right? Find your voice?).


Back to DNA line. No idea why I did a foot and a hairy breast, but it looks quite balanced, I think. 


In the rotating drawing, I played around with writing and my favorite placeholder - the pear!


That idea got stuck in my head: "Why a f* pear?" (pardon my French, by the way)


So I remember I saw this morning an article about Kim Kardashian's huge ass on the cover of Paper Magazine.


Insisted on the DNA again, didn't really like it...


... however it made me try some more writing. I liked the texture and it reminded me of this Brazilian graffiti artist I like.


I tried another one and this time I added the pear and some color - full circle, just like Hollywood!


I'm really happy with the whole journey. It was very, very inspiring and enlightening. I'll try the standing up with the larger paper now.

Big thanks, Shantell! Love your work BTW!




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