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Out of Africa

First project on Skillshare! I was watching his class while I was working and almost always when I work, I draw with a ball point pen. This why there are tons of tiny squigly marks everywhere. I forgot to scan it during that phase and scanned it to when I went over the lines with a michron sakura 03 pen. I tried for a rhino look, obviously, but I wanted him to have tusks and teeth like a boar/horse with those big molars on the back. He looks more cartoonish fierce than a raging mad reastic animal, but that's fine I guess. I skimped on detail and texture for the sake of time and the whole point of the project. The only super major flaw is some inconsistancy with the toes, wrinkles and how short his neck is. This is a bush eater and is also happy to eat grass or knock down saplings, but his skull structure cannot support eating so low since his eyes aren't high enough to see over most tall grass. This animal would definitely fight with his head, seeing as he has a big flesh padded skull and his brain, small as it may be is well protected. This guy can run fast and if raised by humans, can easily coexist with them.

I recently bought a 150p set of prismacolor color pencils. So I thought I would give that a shot, bear in mind this is on your average printer paper. It has little to no tooth, so it was a very fun and interesting experince that took me about 30-40 minutes to color completely. I have not done colored pencil since I was maybe five or six. I would mess with them in art class sometimes, but I am more a sketch and ink person. I hope to get great with color soon. I'm working on shading and saturation between the darks and lights of shading. It was very fun. :) Picture is in jpeg format (unfortunatly). I added some hair, yellowed teeth. I was a bit lazy with the body color. He would have green and yellow stains on his teeth, lips and horn as well and mud and filth stains on his feet, tail and backend. I have no clue why I gave him whiskers.

Seeig it now, it needs a ton of improvement, but I never planned on sumbitting this anyway, so it's a start.

I would love anyones thoughts and questions. Thanks so much in advance! Thank you to Mike as well, I wouldn't have given this shot if not for you.


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