Out for a drink

To start off with this project, I began to document my steps on my Blog. Since I haven't done any planned portrait shootings yet, my struggle begins with finding a victim... model to help me with the project. I tried self portraits before, so I know, that wouldn't end that well ;)

Here are some of my previous attempt:



Taking the quest for a model to Twitter helped me find André, who is going to assist me with this project in front of the camera.

Since he is a part time actor and has access to a nightclub we can use for shooting I thought of  combining both the setting and the play he's currently working on.

PS: The teddy has nothing to do with this ... yet ;)

Update: Mood Board 1

The location will be mostly empty, so no party pictures. I thought on focussing on the subject using the bar and the room for depth and some variing facial expressions.

Update: A day at the bar

After a day at a bar with André, I'm sorting throught the 250 photos, I took. A lot of test shots for lighting and posing and some unsharp picture are altready deleted, so I'm at roughly at 180 now.

Next step: finding the best poses and images, post process and share them.

Update: 6-10 Photos from the shooting

Had a great day at the location, the borrowed lighting worked just fine, although I really noticed the lack of experience in both setting up studio lights and directing a model.

Including light setup and additional interior shots, I ended up with 250 photos, of which 183 were perfectly focused. Everything else went in the trash right away.

Browsing through the remains, I marked every good shot with a color label for editing. This left me with about 20 shots to consider for upload. These are the 9, I've selected from each set of the shooting.

(1) using a wood panel wall as background

(2) having a drink

(3) guilt

(4) Behind the bar

(5) Without the glasses

(6) down the glass

(7) goofing 1

(8) goofing 2

(9) Piano man

Update: Final Result

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone giving me feedback on this project so far.

Most comments I received stated that the "guilt" photo had the biggest visual impact and I had to agree. The only thing I wasn't sure about was the processing I did for the down selection.

Originally I though of doing a black and white version, but then I didn't want to submit an all colored series with a single BW image. For the final selection I started from scratch with a black and White conversion, using a Kodak Tri-X film preset that adds some nice darkness and contrast to the photo.

I'd really appreciate your feedback on this decision.


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