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Enrico Luzi

Brazilian, photographer, backpacker!



Out and around the world

Hi dears!

I'm a brazilian engineer who quit his job, bought a dslr and set out on a trip around the world for 500 days. I'm recently back to Rio, and finally sitting down to check what I've learned in photography and how to better use/edit/curate the shots I took during this time.

I'm rather new to Instagram, so I guess I'm still trying to sort out my brand, and what I really like, tough the stock of travel pics are the vast majority I might have to upload. Some were shot with the Canon t3i and some others with my Motorola X2.

My instagram is "eluzi" and the link is https://www.instagram.com/eluzi/

1. Fall in Budapest, leaves falling, the old man was checking the newspapers, and I saw the boy coming full speed from far away. Just waited till I could get both in a single frame.


2. Early morning in Belgrade, the foggy, misterious train station, cold and gray made for a very unwelcoming reception tough beautiful for pics.


3. The Memento Park in Budapest is gorgeous, and during winter days the skies are all marked by airplanes. I managed to align it here the traces with some statues.


4. The WTC complex in NY is amazing from far away, but I found it gorgeous from a steep look up and the swing of the windows.


5. I had been staring at these pillars in Zanzibar for 10 minutes or more, before I considered the shot. The waves hitting it, the sound and the loneliness... I like the traces water in general produces with the right exposure time.


6. Been trying to capture some daily life shots in Rio, this is a simple place where one would pass everyday, but this time I noticed the alignment of the tress and the shadows were perfectly in the middle of the path.


7. Set out a day in Beijing, determined to get a shot without a single chinese in sight, a real task. Found this in the backyard of the forbidden city.


8. Rocinha favela in Rio, from up above it's possible to get shots like this, with so many houses in a single frame, no borders.


9. Tried to learn a bit here to do street photography. Took some time sitting in the sidewalk checking out people stroll along the river, like no winter at all was in place.


Well, that's it, amateur stuff, hoping for constructive criticism. Thanks in advance!


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