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Out Of This World

I started doodling, scrawling, and refining pages of ideas, and taking the time to explore provided a lot of inspiration. I want to develop a couple more ideas, but the one I chose ultimately worked the best with adding flourishes. I wanted a smooth scrawl, with wide loops and very round forms, but without being over the top with loops and curls. 



I chose this one because of it's playfulness, without being too embelished, formal, or hyper-feminine. It's an open script that feels very open and whimsical.                             


I didn't actually use tracing paper to refine, which I DO NOT recommend. Martina was right on about refining before scanning, it will really eliminate hours of tweaking lines and curves in your vector program. 


After more hours than I'd like to admit (seriously, use tracing paper to finalize before scanning) I finally got to another fun part. Presentation! Below are a couple different versions I had fun with before figuring out how to do the very last one, which I has in mind for a final piece. Pathfinder is a real piece of work using so many different elements, but I finally figured it out. Enjoy!





Thanks for looking, if you like what you see, show some love and check out my online portfolio! 



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