Our panty

Our pantry fulfills our daily food and household needs. As a staple cook, I don't uses mixes except the pancake mix my husband loves. Except for fresh milk and eggs and fresh fruits/vegetables, I usually buy in bulk at somewhere like Sam's Club or Costco. My small freezer is used for small amounts (10 lbs) of frozen chicken/ground beef and bulk cooked planned leftover meals or desserts. I can usually cook my signature dishes at the drop of a hat. Since retiring I'm getting into adding more fresh vegetables into our meals. My shelf staples are the same, just adding fresh twists or zing! The one thing not mentioned, but might be upcoming, is that I keep a list on the fridge for upcoming needed items. Down to 4 cans of this item, goes on the list. Down to 1/4 container flour, rice, sugar, oil, coffee, creamer, powder milk, etc...goes on the list. Fresh Vegetables currently on a 2 week or so rotation. Eggs/milk/butter shortening vary according to baking needs. By Dec, I'm all stocked up...Cook for 50 in my small kitchen. I do buy 10 pounds extra ground beef, extra eggs and butter at Christmas and always plan on freezer being empty in case of leftovers. Almost Feb., only thing bought since Christmas is fresh vegetables, eggs, milk, butter.