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Our imaginary golden retriever

My kids are DESPERATE to get a dog and they've been campaigning for awhile now. I'm all on board because I grew up with dogs but my husband did not so he's the hold out.

So for my project I created our imaginary pet, a golden retriever, as yet unnamed. I had a golden retriever when I was a kid and those of us in favor of the dog would love to have a golden to call our own! 

I don't have many good pictures of my childhood golden so I had to rely on some internet searching for my inspiration. Surprise, surprise there are a LOT of adorable pictures of golden retrievers on the internet!

Here are my initial sketches that I then brought into Photoshop.


I generally work in both Illustrator and Photoshop when designing and creating art. I tend to use Photoshop more often when I'm doing illustrations because I like the brushes and using textures. I'm also primarily self-taught (I've taken some online classes and a short community college class) so I really appreciated learning Anne's tricks - most especially using color fills (changing colors is so easy!) and while I often use clipping masks I don't use them in quite this way and I really liked that too.

Here's my final project following the steps from Anne's class:


Really enjoyed the class! Thanks Anne!




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