Our dear Apricot

Our dear Apricot - student project

First project post yay!! xD
It was really fun to play with colors, but I now I must keep practicing >o<

Our dear Apricot - image 1 - student project

What feeling do you want your piece to evoke?
- So much love gor our hamster Apricot ToT

Where did you look for color inspiration?
-On this deviant art piece!

How many colors did you start with?

Our dear Apricot - image 2 - student project

How many did you end up with?
I think 7? 

Our dear Apricot - image 3 - student project

How are you using the principles of color to move viewers' eyes around your piece?
- I originally wanted to use this orange-pink because of the feel of love i wanted to give to the piece. But then, I was in trouble because everything was in this color.. xD At the end it was good because it allowed me to accent my hamster's color. (I wanted to use green too, but i think i didnt).

Thank you (:
And sorry for my bad english