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Boundary Statements

Cathy here!  My boundary statement is that I will only work with a charity that I believe in as long as I get credited for the work, they guarantee manufacturing, I can share on social media and I retain all of the rights.  I would be willing to do a commission but only if I have total control over the schedule and significant input into the artwork that I'll create.


Jennifer here!  As you have by now guessed, I am not willing to work for free. 


Template response for a "no"

Cathy again!  Here is my template:


Hi xxxx!

Thank you for being in touch.  I am so glad to hear you enjoy my artwork!  As you can guess, it is something very dear to me. In addition to being something I love, creating beautiful art is my profession.  Like any professional, I work only with paying clients.  I would love to learn more about the project if and when you are able to compensate me for my work.  Thanks again and have a great day!




And here is Jennifer's example:


Hello xxx,

Thank you for reaching out.  xxxx seems like a lovely product/company.  However, on behalf of myself (and all artists), artwork must be paid for. There is no value in work for free, even when you offer unpaid benefits like xxxx in exchange.   Artists are working professionals who support themselves with their art. [(Use this part, if employee of company) Kindly note this to your supervisors as you plan your business model]. Asking for work for free is bad for the individual artist, the industry and even your company. If payment is possible in the future, kindly reach out to me again. Thank you,