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Our Time in Paris

Anger boiled up as a realized how gullible I'd been. I had just let some Paris hoodlems trick me into buying useless metro tickets. When we arrived at the Sacre Coeur, 50 Euros shorter, I sulked as we wandered the streets. I was pretty convinced that I had ruined the vacation. 

When I wouldn't smile for photo with the sweeping views of the city James said, "It sucks, but we're safe, and now we know. Please smile because we're going to have a great rest of the trip". Hesitantly, I smiled and let him take the photo.

The rest of the week we went on bike tours, audio tours, and self guided tours until we couldn't learn anymore, wandered the streets and museums until we could hardly walk, and ate crepes, macarons and croissants until we were stuffed. 

As I boarded the plane, happy, tired, and inspired after all of our adventures, I planned out how I was going to learn french and find a way to move there at some point. Our time was so great that I had completely forgotten about the Metro con artists. I hope that they spent our cash wisely. 


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