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Our Hero

"Our hero", is the story of an unnamed man and the woman with the one eye tattoo. It's a fantasy, noir, graphic novel with comedy and romance undertones. Each IG post is a scene or chapter. I use a photograph or video to illustrate the copy. The account is @snapseedit. I'll include a chapter or two...


There is probably a moment in the life of every serial criminal,

where they cross the line of logic and need, and simply go crazy.

When this story is told in the years to come, historians will state that it was at this moment- that Elvira began to go insane.

Nobody, most likely, will ever know why.

She’d been a calculating criminal for most of her existence.

However, she’d always acted rationally and with a purpose.

On this day, with a rain pattering against the brick pavers below her pumps,

she stood staring at three mannequins behind a store window.

For reasons that perhaps no sane person could understand, she became angry and volatile.

It was a mixture of desire, because she loved the clothes that they were wearing.

And jealousy, because she thought they were beautiful.

And frustration, because Elvira was not one to skulk, she didn’t hide in the shadows.

She would rather die in a blaze of glory than live in obscurity.

It was at that point that she kicked loose a large rock

It came from a retaining wall that surrounded a rather pleasant arrangement of ferns and tulips.

She hoisted the rock over her head and threw it with all of her might.

When the cops arrived, they were befuddled.

Things like this just didn’t happen in Octavia.

The mannequins had been stripped of the clothing,

and they were smashed into tiny bits of plastic and metal.

The hair had been removed from all of them.

One of the mannequins was also missing the shoes that the store manager said it had been wearing.

In the corner of the display window,

they found a neatly folded pair of leopard-skin tights and a black tank top.

Next to that, sat a pair of gold pumps and a fur jacket.

The two officers scratched their heads.

The older one said, “I think it’s time to call the detectives.”



"Well. Our girl certainly isn't a neatnik."

The Inspector was known far and wide for his dry sense of humor.


Cute and curly simply raised her eyebrows. They were standing in the bathroom of Suite 820 in the Grand Hotel Plaza- but it looked more like a slaughterhouse.

There was blood everywhere.

But no body parts, because apparently they were all in the laundry chutes.

A detective poked his head in through the doorway.

"Sir. There are a couple of things that I think you should see right away."

The Inspector followed him down the hall and into the bedroom. Cute and curly brought up the rear. The Inspector looked around, there was an older man wearing a dark blue uniform sitting quietly in the corner.

The detective handed him some latex gloves. "Check out this journal."

He pulled on the gloves and began to flip through the pages.

Every page was covered with a repeated phrase. 'Burn them all!'

The hairs on the back of his neck electrified.

The detective moved over to a desk in front of a large mirror.

"And over here is a map of the city. It's hard to tell for sure.

But off the cuff, we think the perp was looking at the Government District.

"Shit." The Inspector said while wiping his forehead.

"What's he doing here?" He pointed at the older man.

The detective replied, "He's an engineer. Works the boiler room here in the hotel.

Earlier he was getting ready to check some feeder lines in the back alley. He saw a woman climb out of the window from this suite and climb down the fire escape.

She dropped into the alley and ran east."

The Inspector shook his head.

"But that's not all," the detective continued, “he then saw two individuals- a woman and a man wearing a colorful shirt- practically jump out of a second story window.

They chased after the first woman.

And get this; they're carrying a piece. They took shots at her in the alley."

"Good Goddess. What the fuck is going on?" Cute and curly asked.

The Inspector pointed to the detective.

“Move all available officers to Government District.

Anyone spots any one of these three- shoot to kill."


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