Otto DIY "build your own robot"

Otto DIY "build your own robot" - student project

Otto is an interactive robot that anyone can make, usually when you hear the word "robot" it goes to boys and their toys, but with Otto we have been attracting more girls into science.

Otto DIY "build your own robot" - image 1 - student project

That is because industrial design of Otto was focus into make a easy to understand and build with only one tool, by creating a basic cubical shape in all parts and enhance the eyes (that are also a sensor) and facial expression in a "cute way".

Otto DIY "build your own robot" - image 2 - student project

We use a neutral color palette allowing all genders to get closer without fear of interacting, customize or tearing apart. A simple robot kit with cross gender games, kits and projects evolves with the child and adapts to their level of learning. 

Otto DIY "build your own robot" - image 3 - student project

After seeing this class i designed multiple templates to incentive the A of "Art" in STEAM education by adding paper craft and 3D printable accessories that can be personalized with colors and stickers and then be added to Otto in multiple creative ways.

Otto DIY "build your own robot" - image 4 - student project

Together with a thriving community of Otto builders we continue creating new open 3D printable robots, making robotics accessible to everyone and bridging the gender gap to science.

Thanks for this great class Emily was very insightful perspectives from an expert in toy design.