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Liz Bickerdike

fledgling designer, lover of typography



Otterbury Press

I had so much fun doing this class!

I finally settled on an otter for my animal mark and was sort of inspired by a book I loved as a kid - "The Otterbury Incident" - to create the logo mark for a fictional publishing company I dreamed up called Otterbury Press. (I am soooo tempted to set up my own publishing company now!!)

Here's my moodboard 


The image in the top right was pretty spot on so I used that for my sketching, which was really terrible to begin with but started to get better the more I practiced.


As you can probably see, it went through some refinements to get the paws and tail looking 'otterish'. 


And here's the final outcome. I'm really pleased with how this turned out, given the ropey sketches I started off with. I need to remember this when I get tempted to ditch things that don't look great straight off - just keep going!! 



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