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Otherworld is a line of capes, shawls and exotic overthings for the Urban Gypsy. Having worked in Australia and traveled to places like India, China, Morocca, Turkey, Thailand, Brazil, Bali and beyond, I am inspired by the nomadic lifestyle and female prowess cultivated from exploring the world and interacting with those outside our immediate clan.

When a woman wears a piece by Otherworld, I want her to feel transported to the places she feels most powerful, graceful, creative and connected to her bliss.


Q: Is there an aspect of your design needs tweaking or trouble-shooting?

A: Need help in determining how edges should be stitched and reinforced. Need to create labels and need some help determining what kind o under arm button fixture will be best for the material. Hoping my supplier can help me work through these and provide their best recommendations.


Q: What are 3 qualities of your ideal factory? I.e. knowledge of recycled fabrics, english-speaking, will allow me to visit as needed.

A: One stop shop, personality chemistry, within New York, allow me to visit as needed, english-speaking.


Q:Where (in terms of location or country) do you plan to manufacure your product, and why?

A: I plan to produce  in the USA, as I want easy access to the factory, to meet with the agent, etc. As this i my first project, it's important for me to be hands on and know that my money is being spent properly.


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