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Ostrich Logo

My initial animal thought was the kangaroo, but after looking through the project gallery, I noticed several other kangaroo projects. Not wanting to find myself copying the work of others, I googled "animals." Obviously this brought up a gigantic range of options as my search was not narrow. Eventually I settled on the ostrich and set to work on a mood board. See below:


Then I moved onto tracing paper and sketching; below: 



After the initial sketches I brought my work into Illustrator, making prints and doing more tracing as I moved through the process. I especially found myself struggling with the ostrich's tail. It wasn't until I did more image searching, work in Illustrator, and sketching with tracing paper that I came to a solution. I'm still not 100% sure it is the best solution, but I'm relatively satisfied for now.


On to the final illustrations!



Gridding with circles. This was a really fun - and mesmerizing - process for me. I've seen it used before but until watching this lesson, didn't really realize how it was used.


The final mark, a Running Ostrich logo. I hope you all enjoy it! Feedback & criticisms are certainly welcome.



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