Jenn Reese

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Oslo the Cat

I'm trying to teach myself to draw and one of my biggest stumbling blocks has been how to get sketches into Photoshop so that I could manipulate them. I don't think my finished project turned out nearly as good as most other folks, but I learned a ton about Photoshop, including some amazing shortcuts and methods that I'm already starting to use in my graphic design projects. For that alone, the class has been a huge success.

For my project, I chose Oslo, my goofiest cat. The phrases I picked are:

Big, terrified eyes

Funny face

Weird white/gray pattern

Gorgeous white chest



I really really struggled to do something with this sketch. I think I made it too complicated, maybe? In any case, I'm not super happy with how the final came out, although I learned A TON and will definitely be putting my new skills and tricks to use going forward. 




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