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Oscar Foundation Website Rubified on Rails

My friend Ashok Rathod is the founder of an organisation named Oscar India for educating slum kids by using the medium of football . My project is to improve the current website of Oscar India Foundation http://www.oscar-india.org/  by using the Ruby on rails framework .                                          
My plan is as follows :
  • My first iteration will be to create a basic website with the available content .
  • Second iteration will involve gathering the requirements from Ashok and then starting development on it.                                                                                                                                            

Current requirements are :

  1. Create users and ability to have recommendations
  2. Option to make payments to the foundation using one of the gems available in Rails for online payment
  3. Option to subscribe to weekly mailing list 
[Please note that the requirements list is an incomplete list and will be updated from time to time ]                                             
Heroku link - http://oscar-india.herokuapp.com/                                                                                                    
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