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Orlando City Florida: Night and Day

Hello everyone,

My name is Bryan M. Garces and Im from Orlando, FL . Heres a visual of a day shot and night shot of orlando .Let me know what you think!! Hope you guys like it. 

Instagram: https://instagram.com/bryanmgarces/


website: www.dunowlstudios.com

Downtown Orlando by day is a busy beast, you have people coming in and out of work every hour on the hour, the daily commuters on their bikes, the big corporations stading tall with their huge building and how they look down at the regular commoner. 



The night life here is different, everyone gets out of their regular work clothes and gets ready for a night out in downtown. completely different beast from day to night. 


One of my favorite pics is the fountain, cause believe it or not lake Eola is filling up a big sink holwe with water, its also a land mark of down town orlando. here at the lake they hold all sorts of events all the time year round, but the big ones are july 4th, chritsmas, etc.


I added another picture of the fountain cause I like the other colors it was emitting from the LEDS. 



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