Original characters

Original characters - student project

So I haven't taken pictures of the process but let me tell you: this one was not easy. I took this class 1. because I love Jazza and admire his drive to always create more and better and 2. because I'm trying to draw more intricate poses and facial expressions on my characters and needed maybe a little refresher on how to properly prepare for an art piece. 


So here are two of my original characters: Skylar and Simone. They are girlfriends at the time this polaroïd was taken and are graduating from highschool a few days from then. I wanted to make their poses and expressions as similar as one you would find on one of your old, embarassing selfies from the early 2010's, so I used one of mine as reference hehe... 


I already knew this cartoony, simplistic style is the one I go back to for my more serious drawing sessions. I like my art to convey a ludic, happy feeling whilst also being a tad realistic. 

You can see more of my drawings on my intagram artist page @colorsinthedark_artistOriginal characters - image 1 - student projectOriginal characters - image 2 - student project