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Original Characters

Hi there everyone,

so the project finally started and I'm psyched. Can't wait to start. So I'm gonna do more than one character since this is a rare opportunity, and I want to make the best of it. I hope you can help me getting better. Please leave a comment with constructive critique, your oppinion and sugesstions I will answer each and every one of them. I am happy to be here and I as well will look into different gallerys ond offer my personal oppinion and sugesstions. Let's help each other to get better, that's what we're here for, right?

If you want you can take a look into my deviantart account and take a look at my previous pictures I drew: www.abakuu.deviantart.com


  1. OC 1 (Human)   working on step 4
  2. Kakusu Sabishii (Anthro) working on step 2
  3. Raffzahn (Human)
  4. Iken Iu (Human)

Let's get this show on the road!

---------------- OC 1 - Cyrus ------------------

Step 1

So this is my first OC 1 drew back in 2011. He still got no name, because I thought I will give him one once he is fleshed out. But I never got to it. Since then I drew him over and over and he changed with time most noticably his hair and cloth.


When he was a little boy, he and his older twin sister lived in the slums of this big city (haven't decided on a name yet) approximately in the year 2437 A.D. They were poor, but happy. One day there were these criminal scumbags who wanted to rape his sister. His sister unleashed psychic skills and killed 3 out of 4 on the spot. This skill didn't go unnoticed and soon after this incedent she was abducted.

Since then he survived with a cut throat attitude in the slums with his only this survival instinct left:

When he was 12 years old he was taken in by a stranger and that man taught him how to suvive in the wild and fight with martal art style. After 2 years he left him alone again with the promise that he will return in "the next year or so" to pick him up:

Time passed and after 2 years of waiting that man returned to make him an intern on his Öko-spaceship named Preservation:

I did make a quick headview for the ages, so I can get a feel for what changes with the character age and whatnot.

Step 2

First sketch turnaround for the 16 year old OC 1 (with internship cloth). Suggestions and constructive critique are more than welcome.

So the lineart for the headturn is finished. Expressions will be next.^^

Step 3

So finally the expressions are finished, the last one was really hard. It is my first time trying the bird perspective. Forshortening is so hard to imagine. As always constructive critique is appreciated.^^

I just got me Manga Studio 5 and I'm just experimenting, but here is another expression. It's rarly seen, but even Cyrus (yes, I finally named my OC) loses his composure every now and then.


I didn't like the old design that much. so I decided to do a redesign of the character and make it more shonen-ish. I think it turned out pretty well. Please comment and critique, I would appreciate it (although I think that this class is dead anyway).

To be continued...

---------------- Kakusu Sabishii ------------------

Step 1

I usually don't like to draw anthros, but a friend of mine is so obsessed with it that I decided to give it a shot too. His name Kakusu Sabishii translates into something like "hide" and "loneliness". It is based on his personality. That is a tradition to name a feline cat after it's strongest traits that are dominant in later years. I don't draw him that often.


So this is Kakuzu. He grew up with OC1 in the slums and is his best friend. Kakusu is the only non human to wear human cloth. It symbolises that he accepts and acknowlage Humans as equals, which is unheard of. He is often looked down upon because his firend is a homo adulescentulus.

When OC1 became a crewmember on Preservation, he stayed in the slums helping others and he became more cruel and ruthless in the end. With no hope and bitterness in his heart he died in an allyway, all alone.

To be continued...


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