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Original Americana


LEGAL FORMATION: Original Americana USA, LLC


Logo: Current logo is in the works of being changed and refined right now, There will be two logos segmented for casual street clothing (t-shirts,hats, etc), and more refined clothing (trousers, button up shirts, light jackets etc.)

o-rig-i-nal: belonging or pertaining to the origin or begining of something

a-mer-i-ca-na: things associated with the culure and history of America, esp. the United States

Slogan: Born In the Wrong Era

 This slogan describes my brand, which is synonymous with myself and many individuals experiences of feeling that they were better fit for a different time in history. Some were meant to be swinging axes into their enemies faces on the battle feild, but are trapped in the current modern way of life. This brand was better fit for a time when textiles and clothing were made domestically, with a higher craft and level of skill.

Mission Statement:  To provide the highest quality domestically made clothing to our customer, while receiving insparation from iconic American culture from all decades, previous and current.

My story: I wanted to start a clothing company starting at age 15 (now 22). It started from trying to figure out what I wanted to go to college for, what I wanted to ultimately do with my life. I knew 1. I wanted to run a business, and be an entrepreneur of some sort, and 2. it had to be creative. I started to make a connection between skateboarding and this dream of mine

If Jamie Thomas, a pro skater who was living out of his car, could start Zero, Fallen.... or if ANY of these skateboarders who were generally just kids with no future, could start a succesfull business venture without putting on a suit and tie, getting a degree, or being born and ushered into that life, WHY CANT I?

The answer was simple, I can. And I will. 

So, I went to a fashion school in NYC for marketing, learned a bit about advertising and how to deliver a product to a consumer. Worked in retail, then worked in wholesale, learned how tradeshows work. Dropped out of school, and here I am, taking a chance and rolling the dice on my biggest dream...my mission

Goals: I plan to bring this brand into boutiques and upper level department stores. Being that Original Americana is 100% domestic, the trade off is for clothing that will retail at slightly above average price point, in line with brands like J. Crew. If I succesfully get this into stores, dreams of a flagship or stand alone store would undergo development, which would also house other brands that are domestically made (red wing, schott bros)

Goals Part 2: I want to destroy American Apparel. This company has NO DIRECT competitors. Original Americana can not only be a brand, and a retailer, but a MANUFACTURER as well. To all people starting t shirt brands, fashion brands, I want to develop a company that can provide the domestic goods needed to do this, there is no business of this kind currently. Vertically strcutured businesses of this nature simply do not exist in this country.

Original Americana is a brand that spawned from the ruins and successes of American culture. American culture has invented and been responsible for some of the greatest staples of fashion, and quality manufacturing during the past century, but has failed to adapt to the changing world around us. We seek to bring back a style of business that offers stylish clothing, reasonable pricing, and products 100% domestically made with indisputable quality. www.originalamericana.us


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